Special Announcement: CMS Changes Ruling on Contacting Clients

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CMS has reversed itself and now allows agents to call clients about 2015 plan information starting October 1st.

CMS has revisited the telephonic guidance that was issued on August 14, 2014 which prohibited agents from calling existing enrollees to discuss other plan options. CMS has made the decision to revert to their previous guidance which states plan sponsors may:

Call members to promote other Medicare plan types, (e.g., sponsors may contact their PDP members to promote their MA-PD offerings; sponsors that are also Medigap issuers may market their MA, PDP, or cost plan products to their Medigap customers), and discuss plan benefits.

This change is effective immediately and means that agents can begin calling their clients October 1 to discuss 2015 plan options. You can even begin setting appointments now to meet with your clients after October 1…just be sure not to discuss any 2015 rates or benefits prior to October 1.

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