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IMPORTANT: You have 2 days to get the completed application into the SPH system.

When you the agent receive the completed application it is as though SPH receives it through the eyes of Medicare. The CMS Compliance is a quality standard we take seriously. If you are required to get the application to someone else for input please stress this policy 2 days is the maximum time allotted for transmittal.

Agent of record: Are you taking care of business

SPH is receiving an increased number of requests from their members and perhaps your clients to say they would like another agent to help with their health care decision making process. In previous years SPH has honored the writing agents designation and supported them despite the SPH member and other agent requests for change. Recently the number of concerns has increased; Whos my agent Ive never hear from them! They only call me once a year Sound familiar As a professional you have an opportunity to provide a valuable service to your clients and to new prospective clients that are not being serviced by their current agent. Soundpath Health wants to support their members requests and those agents that work at retention. SPH asked for all the FMOs input and concluded that SPH needed a process to recognize a change of agents. Here is what they are doing:

Click here to access the Agent of Record Change Form.

This policy is only in effect during the CMS approved open enrollment periods.

  1. The Guidelines
    The form must be completed by the member and it must be during a CMS approved enrollment period (AEP, SEP etc.). The member does not have to make a plan change. Commission will be assigned to the Agent of Record. Upon change of Agent of Record a notification will be made to the original AOR indicating the change.
  2. Professional Manner
    It is expected that this will be handled in a professional manner with no producer/agent or FMO seeking out wholesale movement of any other producer/agent or FMOs business. This would include but not be limited to activity of targeted mass mailings or phone calls.

Appointment Fee

As you know from our conversations and new in our Soundpath contract any agent that has 5 or less SPH sales over the last 12 months will have to pay the $20 appointment fee. SPH will be reducing the November commissions by these amounts. (FMO -You can choose to push the cost downstream to the agent or cover. A list of those agents will be sent to you with your commission statement.)

TIPs for enrolling SPH applications

If you looking into lead manager and see that you have some incomplete applications heres what wed suggest:

  1. Read the note to see why the application is incomplete
  2. Go in and make the change and or add the information
  3. After saving go to the sales status bar and click on the Incomplete resolved and enter a few words in the notes section
  4. Then click save

Incompletes must be resolved within 48 hours or SPH will complete them for you

If SPH completes them they keep them ——- so dont let it get to that point. There is an exception for those who just signed up for Medicare and CMS has not verified their number yet. SPH will keep in the incomplete bucket for 21 days waiting for Medicare to validate the number. You should keep checking to make sure the cycle out of the Incomplete file.


This Second Tip may appear obvious but is often overlooked – Once you have entered an application click SAVE. We cannot process applications if you dont save the application.

SPH Lead Sharing Program

SPH believes in your professional skills to help those seeking answers about senior coverage. As a result SPH is distributing leads it has obtain through sales efforts to Agents. In return they ask that we use their HPCRM system to update them on the status of the lead and to ensure them that you are following up on the lead. If you receive a lead and cannot follow up on it please let us know ASAP and well find someone who can. We know were all busy no shame in asking for help

SPH Sales Materials

Because of the initial demand for sales kits, SPH had to reorder much sooner than expected. If you are running out please complete the sales kit request form and send into us not SPH. Well ask SPH to fulfill the request and get to you as soon as possible. Quick reminder:

  • Short Forms: For current SPH members wishing to change plans, please use the plan change application in SPH HPCRM. If youd like a quick way to obtain this form it can be found on the SPH website along with most of our other forms if you prefer PDF. Our goal is to have all plan changes and applications entered online in HPCRM.
  • Payment Forms: If your current clients need to update their payment option there are payment option forms also online at the SPH website.
  • Provider Directory: There are a handful of FULL SPH provider directories available. SPH shipped us a supply for agents. Contact us if you need one. We encourage you to use the SPH online provider search and or review the online PDF of our FULL directory located here: https://www.soundpathhealth.com/providersearch.aspx

Logging On To SPHs HPCRM A great way to track you SPH members

If you are experiencing trouble logging onto the SPH online system HPCRM, forgot your password or user name please contact us or you can contact Mike Fournier directly at SPH at m.fournier@soundpathhealth.com Hell get right back to you and assist you in entering your new application, solve incomplete applications, walk you through lead management areas in the program and or help trouble shoot various issues.

SPH ONLY Meetings

SPH will advertise any meeting that focuses solely on SPH products. Please have agents submit SPH meetings to Kim Hunke at k.hunke@soundpathhealth.com using the attached form.
She will submit to CMS for approval and post to the SPH website. Meetings need to be submitted two weeks in advance of posting and must be submitted to us on the attached form. IF you want to host SPH only meetings in Wenatchee, Grant or Douglas counties SPH will buy print ads to support these meetings. Please contact Kim Heuss if you are interested. K.heuss@soundpathhealth.com

SPH is contracted with “Confluence Health.”

EASTERN WASHINGTON: On July 21, 2013, Wenatchee Valley Medical Center completed its affiliation with Central Washington Hospital to form “Confluence Health.” SPH is contracted with “Confluence Health.”

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