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AgencyRM has been selected as an FMO partner of Bright Health to represent Medicare Advantage products in 2018. Bright Health will be entering Arizona, Colorado, Alabama, and New York (NY pending approval) for CY2018. Contact AgencyRM to begin your contract and obtain details.

855-721-8088 | info@AgencyRM.com


Bright Health

Bright Health was founded in the fall of 2015 by Bob Sheehy, Kyle Rolfing, and Dr. Tom Valdivia on the understanding that healthcare is a relationship, and that the foundation of an effective healthcare relationship is a close, personal connection between an individual and their primary care physician.

To support this vision, Bright Health set out to build a unique model of healthcare centered around the relationship with a single health system, our Care Partner, in each market we serve. We believe this relationship delivers improved outcomes, higher value care, and an overall better experience for our members and providers.

For agent use only. This information is not public until October 1, 2017.

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