What makes AgencyRM different than other FMOs?

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There are many FMOs out there to select from. Many are very good, many are not so good. Every agent and agency out there has different needs, but we feel that there are some “mortal sins” that shouldn’t be overlooked in the industry. We make sure we address those first as every other need is easy to meet for AgencyRM. Those mortal sins are:


  1. Holding you hostage when you’re not getting what you need (release policies)
  2. Recruiting your agents away from you or adding products and cutting the agency out of the picture (not respecting hierarchies)
  3. Acting like you’re “too big to fail” and not constantly driving to earn your loyalty.


AgencyRM is different. We are redefining what it means to be an FMO. All three of these items above have been addressed in our FMO and are guaranteed at AgencyRM.

  1. We provide EVERY agency and agent with a pre-release when you work with us. If you decide you’re better off with another FMO, we will absolutely release you, your agents, and you will not be held hostage in any way by doing so. We wish you well and the best of luck.
  2. We will NEVER recruit your agents away from you. When you’re with AgencyRM, you’re family. We respect our family and want to help you build it up, not destroy it. There are no exceptions here. If we bring on another product and one of your agents wants to contract, it will be through your hierarchy and you will ALWAYS be in the loop. Your agents only have access to us because of your relationship with us.
  3. We know there are other FMOs out there. We know we need to compete. This is why we constantly strive to earn your loyalty, invest our money into finding new and better ways to help you grow your business, and absolutely stick by the ethical approach. We never stop working for you, whether you have one contract or twenty; you’re the reason we exist.

We invite new agents and agencies to check us out. We invite our current agents and agencies to get more connected with us. Most of all, we THANK our current agents and agencies for trusting us. There are over 550 of you and rapidly growing.


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