KEMPER SENIOR SOLUTIONS – A Big Opportunity for Idaho Agents!

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Finding leads for Medicare can oftentimes be challenging with all of the Medicare rules. One of the things Medicare allows agents to do is to contact their current clients to discuss other plan options. This is where the Kemper Senior Solution product comes in! It’s a great Home Health indemnity product which nearly pays for itself. This allows you to gain the client so you can later speak with them about their health insurance needs. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Kemper Home Health Brochure – Idaho

For individuals between 65 and 70 years old, they will pay a premium of $475.25 a year.

If they use prescription drugs, the plan will reimburse them 80% of the retail cost of their drugs up to $250 (after a $50 deductible). This is even if their Part D plan allowed them to pay far less than retail.

Assuming this money is applied towards the premium, this brings our premium cost out of pocket down to $225.25 a year.

If the client gets an Annual Physical (after year 1), the plan will pay the member $150. This brings our premium cost down to $75.25 for the year.

If the client gets their hearing checked (after year 1), which many of us have providers that will do this at no cost to the member, the plan will pay the member $50. This brings our premium cost down to $25.25

$475.25 Annual premium

– $250 Rx reimbursement

– $150 Annual physical reimbursement

– $50 hearing test reimbursement


$25.25 in out of pocket cost for the plan.

This plan still has more benefits though that haven’t been used:

  • Home health benefits
  • Vision indemnity
  • Ambulance indemnity
  • Inpatient private duty nursing

This is a great lead generator for health insurance, helps your members with insurance coverage few think about, and has a great commission payout to you!

Contact AgencyRM for more details on how to get appointed for this product. EMAIL or Phone: 855-721-8088


This post is for recruiting purposes. For actual benefit information, refer to the Kemper Senior Solutions brochure. AgencyRM makes no warranty or guarantee to the accuracy of this information.
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