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SSA / RRB Premium Payment Option

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CMS has notified Medicare Advantage (MA) and PDP plans that those members with the Social Security (SSA) / Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) premium withhold option did not properly have plan premiums withheld by SSA / RRB. All of these members have been automatically reverted to direct bill status at the carrier. 

All carriers were affected.

Every member who selected this option will have a balance with the carrier which needs to be paid. All of the carriers have mailed, or are mailing letters to the affected members with instructions.

It appears that premiums were not pulled by SSA / RRB since February 1, 2019.

If clients contact you stating they received a letter from their carrier or have not seen plan premiums withheld from their SSA / RRB check, advise them about this situation and direct them to their plan’s customer service department to satisfy their balance.  

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