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It doesn’t get any easier to help your clients

HealthSapiens Telemedicineis a subscription based telemedicine product that will help your clients… and you will get paid to help them.

Do you have ACA clients
Do you have Medicare clients
Do you have any groups
Do you have clients with kids under 18



Save your clients time, money, and stress by giving them unlimited access to a physician 24/7


  • Unlimited Telemedicine (phone or video)
  • No copays, no waiting periods, no deductibles
  • Doesn’t get billed to insurance
  • Board certified physicians
  • Docs can write Rx and send them to the local pharmacy
$15/mo for an individual $20/mo for a family


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Common Questions


Q.Who is HealthSapiens
A. HealthSapiens is a telemedicine provider to an incredible network of US licensed general physicians on an unlimited 24/7 basis across telephone, video and secure email for medical consultations.

Q.My clients’ plan already hastelemedicine. Why is this better
A. If the client’s plan has telemedicine, they likely need to meet their deductible or pay a copay every time they use it. This benefit doesn’t have any member cost share outside of the premium.


Q.Who can sign up
A.ANYONE! All states, all counties.

  • Target: ACA clients who have high deductibles
    • Why avoid a PCP due to a high deductible if you don’t have to
  • Target: Families with kids
    • Need that antibiotic for a child’s ear infection
    • Don’t want to spend 3 hours of your day to get an appointment and see the doc
  • Target: Groups / Self-funded groups
    • Save the group money while offering a great benefit to the clients.

Q.How long does it take to enroll someone
A.About 60 seconds. All online sales with limited information needed make this a VERY fast sales process. Every agent gets a unique link and web portal.

Q.Is thereunderwriting
A.NO! Everyone is eligible to sign up.

Q.What are the contracting and certification requirements
A.Fill out the contract (very short). There is no required certification. We will be hosting short webinars which we recommend you attend so you can more easily sell the product.

Q.I’m only licensed for P&C, can I offer this to our clients
A.YES! All insurance agents are eligible to enroll people in this product.

Request a Contract today –CLICK HERE

18% commissions for life

(Agency contracts available)

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