Final Expense Contest Update

Final Expense Contest Update

Selling Tools Have you gotten them yet

Many of you have been going through contracting so you can be ready to sell. Soon more people will be joining the race, but for now no one has fully qualified for the prize yet. Here arethe top 3 agents by policy count right now:

1. David C. Washington
2. Paul G. Washington
3. Joshua C. West Virginia
Its not too late to get in the game!

Have you heard about Legacy Safeguard

Legacy Safeguard is a turnkey marketing program to get you selling Final Expense. It includes:

Legacy Safeguard is totally free to you and your client. Create and account at https://Omaha.LegacySafeguardUniversity.com

Learn to sell with Legacy Safeguard by watching our video: CLICK HERE

Here are some additional tools for you to get you in the game:

If you have any questions about the contest or final expense, give us a call!

AgencyRM Service Team
p: (855) 721-8088 f: (888) 635-8250
w: www.AgencyRM.com e: Service@AgencyRM.com


Click here to learn about Final Expense insurance

Click here to learn HOW to sell Final Expense insurance

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