NEW e-Enrollment Tool

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NEW e-Enrollment Tool

Save Time with the MyAgencyRM Portal

A few days ago, we announced our new e-Enrollment Tool in the MyAgencyRM portal!

The positive response has been overwhelming! We put together a detailed walkthrough on how to use this tool to make your life easier.

This tool allows you to quickly enroll clients into plans by Aetna, Humana, UHC, SilverScript, EnvisionRx and Premera Blue Cross from a single portal. New carriers are being added as they become available.

AgencyRM is constantly seeking ways to Simplify Insurance and help make you more efficient. This tool will help you collect applications remotely without having to log into multiple carriers’ portals.

To access this tool:

It’s a very quick and easy process to get someone an e-Application through this tool! We’re working to ensure you get a copy of all the data the client inputs, so it’s as though you have a copy of the paper app for your files!

If you haven’t seen our eSOA tool, you can view the video demo HERE

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