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Did You Know you may check your clients enrollment status via Medicare.gov

Ever have a client not know what insurance they may have Well, have no fear, AgencyRM is here!

Medicare.gov offers a ton of helpful tools which help you as the agent serve your clients better. One we will specifically talk about is checking your clients enrollment status.

Often an Agent will come across a prospect who may have no idea what coverage they have, or if they have coverage at all. Here is where Medicare.gov will come in handy. The site will allow you to enter your clients information and see what coverage they currently have (Medicare Advantage and PDP only). Once on Medicare.gov you will need to click on the Find health & drug plans button (see below).

Once this has been clicked, the next screen will be where you enter the clients information to begin the process (see below).

After you enter your client’s information and click on the Find Plans button, you will be taken to the next page which will show the client’s enrollment status and LIS eligibility level.

It’s as simple as that! If you need any additional training or support, feel free to reach out to our team at 855-721-8088 or Service@AgencyRM.com

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