Beneficiary Letter of Entitlement – Available On-Line!

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Do you need a Letter of Entitlement for proof of Medicare benefits for one of your clients Have them log into my Social Security at https://www.ssa.gov/-create a personal account and print off a letter of entitlement without having to wait in line or for the US Postal Service!

As agents, we have all experienced clients that have applied for Medicare only shortly before their intended effective date. Signing up for a Medicare health plan under this short window often causes delays or denied acceptance. Before a Medicare plan can enroll a beneficiary, the planmust be able to prove that the beneficiary is eligible for Medicare through review of MARx (a national eligibility database). Often times, the plan will deny the application due to ineligibility asSocial Security has not provided Medicare with the beneficiary’s eligibility information. The “Letter of Entitlement” provides support to the plan that the beneficiary has indeed applied and been awarded Medicare Parts A & B. The plan will then pend the application to frequently check MARxrather than deny the application.

Recently, we learned the Letter of Entitlementis available on-line! Your clients can sign into a personalized portal called my Social Security and view their progress with Medicares enrollment (among other things) and print out this Letter of Entitlementright from the portal. No more having your client wait in line at the local Social Security office or requesting this letter by mail! This is a quick and handy way to assist your clients should they have a short window.

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