Allwell: Value Based Enrollment

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Allwell: Value Based Enrollment

Ready, Set, Ascend!



Selling Allwell this Annual Election Period is exciting: with competitive benefits in your market and with our Value Based Enrollment (VBE) Program available through Ascend.

What is the Value Based Enrollment Program

Receive a $50 administration fee when you help to coordinate the completion of the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) simply by initiating the Wellness Advisor’s call to the enrollee or scheduling the call between the Wellness Advisor and the enrollee – right after completing your online enrollment in Ascend.

How do I begin the Value Based Enrollment process in Ascend

To begin the Value Based Enrollment process in Ascend, tap the Start HRA button to initiate an immediate call from a VBE rep to your beneficiary. If the prospect would rather complete the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) at a later time, then tap the Set Time to Call button to schedule the HRA. Once connected or scheduled – your job is done!


  • Value Based Enrollment improves your retention rate with a member while earning an administration fee! Truly a WIN | WIN for every- one!
  • Enrollees who interact with their health plan right away reduces the likelihood of disenrollment.

Technical Reminders

  • Value Based Enrollment (VBE) can be conducted from both the Windows and Mobile versions of Ascend.
  • When transitioning to VBE from a RATE call, you must conclude the RATE call first.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Regional Account Executive: Martha Jorgensen @ 253-312-4602

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