AgencyRM Sales Contest: Win a Free iPad!

Let’s Get Selling… and WIN Something!

Today, we are kicking off an AgencyRMsales contest focused on Final Expense! The goal is to help your clients with their Final Expense needs, get used to the sales process, and earn some money.Sound fun I hope so!Here are the details:

Contest Period:April 26, 2017 – July 31, 2017

How to Win:
To win, be in the top 3 sales people to have policies sold by July 31st (must be issued by August 7th to qualify). Must sell a minimum of 3 policies to qualify.

Contest Prizes:
The top 3 people will win their choice of a brand new iPad or a 1000 piece Final Expense mail drop.

Who is Eligible
Anyone who is contracted to sell Final Expense Insurance through AgencyRM. Not yet contracted No problem,click here for contracting instructions.

Keeping Track of Standings:
We will send leaderboard updates via email every other week.

Who will be top sales person Will it be you

If you have any questions about the contest, let usknow… and good luck!


Click here to learn about Final Expense insurance

Click here to learn HOW to sell Final Expense insurance

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