Automatic Release Guarantee

AgencyRM strives to provide the highest level of service and Medicare product knowledge in the industry. Superior service begins with each contact (via email, website, phone, etc.) and being responded to within one business day (this is our minimum performance standard, but in most cases we are available on an immediate basis).

AgencyRM believes the decision on whom to contract with is the Agent’s decision. If you as an agent are not happy with the service you’re getting from your FMO, you should have the ability to leave. Unfortunately many FMOs will tell you that you can leave, but when push comes to shove they hold you hostage.

AgencyRM believes we offer the best service in the business. We believe this so much that every agent is provided an automatic release guarantee in our initial contracting paperwork. We will never hold you hostage.

We work daily to EARN the right to work with you; so we put it in writing.

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