2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines Review

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CMS has released the2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines.To make things easier, we have reviewed the changed for 2018 and listed the relevant major changes below.


70.4.1 Educational and Marketing Events this sections states that while Plan Sponsors are not required to upload educational or marketing events into HPMS, they must keep accurate records of all events.

What this means for you:Until carriers give us additional guidance as to how they would like this to be handled, it’s business as usual.

100.7 Third-Party Websites this is a new section specifically addressing third-party, or agent/agency, websites. The guidance states

that third-party websites with which the Plan/Part D Sponsor contracts does not:

  • Provide misleading information, such as identifying a Medicare Supplement plan as a Medicare Advantage plan; or
  • Use prohibited terminology, including unsubstantiated absolute superlatives.

Third-party websites may request, but not require, health status information.

Further CMS has clarified that plans do not need to submit websites for CMS review that do not contain plan benefit information.

What this means for you:Do not display plan benefit data on your website until you have received carrier and CMS approval.

120.4.1 General Rules Regarding Compensation while not a new concept, this version of the MMGs specifically states that Plan Sponsors may not pay agents/brokers who have not been trained and tested meaning agents who have not completed all required, annual certification modules.

What this means for you:If you are not contracted and certified with a carrier, you WILL NOT be paid renewals for any business you may still have with that carrier. Make sure you get contracted and certified with all carriers you have business with in order to continue to be paid your renewals.


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