2018 AEP Submission Deadlines

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2018AEP Submission Deadlines

As a reminder, all AEP enrollment applications (MA, MAPD or PDP) for beneficiaries who elect a January 1, 2018effective date MUST besigned, dated, and received by the agent by December 7th at 11:59pmto be considered valid.Any application received by the agent after 11:59 PMon December 7th will not be considered an enrollment for AEP (postmarks do not count).

For most carriers, you will need to follow the normal process and send your applications the same day you receive them to AgencyRM:

  • Apps must be received and dated by the agent by 11:59pm on December 7th to be considered a valid application using the Annual Election Period.
    • Note: Postmark does not count as the agent received date.
  • Please send these to AgencyRM the same day you receive them and we will process them to the carrier.

There is one carrier that requires they receive the application by Midnight on December 7th:

      • Amerigroup
        • App must be submitted to the carrier by 11:59pm on December 7th. If you are not able to send this application to AgencyRM by 7:00pm PST on December 7th, please send direct to the carrier and notify AgencyRM.
          • Amerigroup fax: (800) 833-8554


If you are not contracted through AgencyRM on one or more of the carriers above, please disregard info above for said carrier and refer to instructions you have received from the carrier directly or your current Upline.

Medicare Supplements and Medicare D-SNPs are not of concern here due to different election periods and processing guidelines.

Compliance Disclaimer:It is non-compliant to backdate an application received by the agent later than December 7th.

Application Processing

Option #1 – Upload a PDF application through the MyARM Portal

Option #2 – Upload a PDF application through the AgencyRM website

Option #3 – Fax applications (individually):888-635-8250

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!

AgencyRM Service Team
P: (855) 721-8088
F: (888) 972-6549


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