The 2015 AEP Presents Opportunity

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The rumors relative to plan changes for 2015 are already circulating and while none of us can share anything with the public at this time, we certainly can begin laying the groundwork for what can be a very successful year for your agency.

The best news so far is that we are not yet aware of any major plan disruptions by way of plan withdrawals or provider network changes. We expect your Medicare beneficiaries will have the same number of options. For the majority of the plans in the Washington market, we are not expecting major disruptions relative to premium, benefits or networks. Keep in mind that it is still early and we have been surprised before but so far, so good.

At the same time, most of you are aware of at least one major change that will have a significant impact on about 75,000 Washingtonians. This will present an opportunity for these beneficiaries to carefully assess their current coverage and their other options and whether they choose to enroll in a new plan or stay with what they have, it is an opportunity for you to earn their trust by helping them through the process.

While you cannot discuss any specifics, it is not too early to let your community contacts know that we are likely to see some changes once again for this coming AEP and let them know that you can help. If your routinely do seminars (educational or sales based), now is the time to get them scheduled and lay plans for getting the word out as AEP nears.

Look to AgencyRM for more detailed discussion on the changes in the market and compliant ways for you to serve your existing and new customers in preparation for the 2015 AEP.

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